just a little bit of information about me.

this is me in vexel

Welcome to Lucid Fanart, here you can find all my art work in the gallery, you can also find things for you to download such as gradients, brushes and textures, and if you like my art work you may want to try out some of my tutorials. So take a look around and drop me a line on what you think about the place.

This site was built mainly for a 1024×768 resolution, I’ve always had the motto Bigger is Better. you can still view the site on a 800×600 resolution but you have to scroll sorry. Also this site looks better in Firefox

Well you may be wondering who the hell I am? well there isn’t really much to know to be honest, I’m just your regular girl who has an over active imagination and likes to play on the computer too much. I’ve been into computers pretty much all my life, playing on the old BBC Master in the late 80’s to getting getting my own PC in the 90’s many of you wont remember that far back. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life in school so I just drifted around trying things out but I was always on my computer so I decided to go to uni and try my hand at “interactive multimedia” a posh way of saying naff all if you ask me.

I’ve had Lucid Fanart for a while, originally Elucidation Art, first as a tutorial site and secondly as my art site, its actually been my longest lasting website EVER I’ve had it since 2003 I think? Its been a long time and unfortunately I’ve had to move things around and I’ve confused the dates, and I’ve got no records. However the fact that I still have the site is pretty amazing for someone who has the attention span of a goldfish.


I’ve had some work featured on other sites, if you wish to see those sites the links are below.
Wallflower: Buffy and Angel Wallpaper Archive


What you will find here:

Lucid Fanart is where I put all my Fan Art, whether its wallpapers (mostly wallpapers) Live Journal Icons (100×100 Avatars) or Vector art work you will find it here.

As mentioned above I started this site out as a tutorial site, with good intentions, however writing out tutorials takes a long time so I haven’t done that many, but I’ve learnt a lot over the years and I want to put it down and have a copy of things for the future and many be help some people along the way. So stay tuned for some tutorials and I hope they are understandable and not too long winded lol.

Because I house all my work here, I ask you kindly not to steal any of my things, I don’t mind in the slightest if you try to copy my work, after all copying is the highest form of flattery, and if you do try to copy my work I would love to see it, and if you need to know how I’ve done some of my work please just drop me a line on the blog and I will try and help you out, just don’t claim the work I have done as your own and probably most importantly of all don’t hotlink!

Credit Where Credit is Due.

I have taken a lot of images from a log of places over the years and I’m not entirely sure where I got some from, so if you see an image you know is exclusive to your gallery and I haven’t linked back to you on my credits page please contact me and I will put your link up, that goes for textures and gradients etc too.

These don’t appear on the credits page but a lot of my work is thanks to Photoshop, Nero 7 DVD Capture, my EXTENSIVE music collection … ( you should check out my Last FM page its been described as the Last FM of a schizophrenic, becuase everything on there is so random  )