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I have had elucidation for a long time it started out as a tutorial site on my very first host, a wonderful free site, and the site has evolved so much, from IFRAMES to tables to DIV’s to PHP I’ve been learning web development for a long time, but unfortunately I took the long road round by just doing it myself and I have to say I used to be quite scared of changing my code if it hadn’t been for my good friend Kitty I probably would still be coding with inline styling and tables.

In this site section you will be able to view all my affiliates, link back to me, and I want to add a Site of the Month section as well, will take me a little bit longer however to add that section, and I would also like to offer hosting to people I just need to figure out what I want to offer, as I find that a lot of the people I used to be affiliates with no longer have their sites up, and I would love to offer them some space as I have quite a lot that is just going unused, so until then if you would like hosting please just contact me via the contact form in this section and I will get back to you with a list of what you can get.

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Please note: that I do not make a profit off this site, if you have a problem with anything on this site please contact me personally on the contact form and I will do my best to resolve any problems.

Any raw photographs or images you find on my site or in my art work do not belong to me and I hold no claim to them, alternatively the artwork I have done on this website is my own work and I tried to credit everyone that has helped me create the art work if I haven’t I am sorry please use the contact form to contact me and I will resolve the error as soon as I can.

Please don’t take any of the artwork done on this site and claim it as your own, please feel free use any work as inspiration to create your own work but don’t claim it as your own. This sever has Image Protection enabled, which means if you attempt to hot link any images it will not work