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Below are some of the amazing people who have offered a link back to my site. If you want to be listed here all you need to do is grab one of my links from this page put it up on your site and tell me about it here on the contact form. But I highly recommend these sites so if you like my site you will love these.

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blacklagoon primordial soul radiance Daydreaming fallensky uglybuisness brinneydee apple and cinnamon

para-bellum call her green midnight tears crossing shadow shattered Surrender Your Soul Faithy's Graphics leavingyoubehind staring at the sun witty comeback Starlight Graphics icy afterlife Shotgun Opera waking dream fated to pretend Inside Us All No Promises lasttear aldieb spikeaholic graphics Mindless Wisdom flowers for a ghost Selfish Ways Artphilia

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clarity shadow of the day

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to be listed here all I ask is to have a link on your site back to me. you can use any of these cods and I have written out some html to make it easier for you, and I have highlighted the code that you may need to change depending on what image you choose or where you place the image. Please note that you can not hotlink images off this sever as image protection has been enabled. You can find more image links here
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Image Link:

<a title="Lucid Fanart Wallpaper and Digital Art Portfolio" href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/lucidfanart.jpg" alt="Lucid Fanart by Dee" width="100px" height="35px" /></a>

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<a title="Lucid Fanart Wallpaper and Digital Art Portfolio" href="" target="_blank">Lucid Fanart</a>