Yes I’m Still Alive

Hey everyone, if your still reading this, thank you so much, I am still here, and although nothing has changed yet again, my life has been taking a step forward or 30 lol, I recently got a new job as a website designer, been at it a few months now so its been pretty hectic getting into the swing of commercial design but getting there, I have some big plans for elucidation I’ve learnt a lot about wordpress which is what i use to blog here, and I was thinking of making this site back into a design blog rather than a general one, as this site was originally meant to be a tutorial site only not a gallery of my work, however that does take time so gonna be difficult getting things into gear however New Year and all I have plenty of New Year Resolutions.

1. Redesign Elucidation.
2. Update once every two weeks at least.
3. Get my portfolio up and running.
4. Redesign the Fanlistings :s been a long time coming.
5. Get Twilight Fuse up and running to host people on this server
6. And get Elucidation to be as Big and useful as possible.

Not neccesarily in that order mind you but I wanna get all that done, and continued. gonna need to get back into forums again, I’ve become a bit of a recluse of late… well in the last two years :s but with uni over I gotta get out there and start enjoying the internet again.

So an Update! just a small one for starters is.
Midnight Tears Link has been updated. and also Happy Xmas and a Better New Year to you all.