How Slack am I!

Yikes its been a while! I have been around and slowly updating my site, as you can see I have some new wallpapers on my latest additions section, and I have some wonderful new affiliates you totally need to checkout! I’ve been pretty busy at work lately and coming home to the pc hasn’t been very appealing but I wanna get back into it again. Thinking about redoing the layout? I’ve been learning a lot about wordpress at work and kinda wanna put it into a new theme here but I do like the current one. I have nothing in mind for the design but a few things in mind for the coding… So question do you guys wanna see a new layout? if so comment below 😉

I also want to thank Destiny, FioNat and Sasha for the beautiful Halloween Gifts… yet another thing I slipped up on 🙁 I will be doing a Christmas gift for everyone though so I can make up for it with that 🙂 I am taking some time off soon and I think I’m gonna use the time to work on some things.

I mentioned above I have some wicked new affiliates check them out.

  • flowers for a ghost
  • brutal affection
  • Broken Innocence
  • Don't Fade Away
  • Selfish Ways
and I have some new wallpapers which I’ve won awards for! yay check out my awards page
  • Home: Prove It
  • Forever that's the Whole Point
  • Pylea Hero's
  • To Serve and Protect
  • Saint
  • Bre

    I WOULD GO GAGA FOR A NEW LAYOUT – but I also really love this one, especially since it changes with each new page… I’ll be completely honest though in that I am just 0_0 when it comes to WordPress and how you make it look so purdy.

    And that Buffy/Angelus piece… *sigh* Still my desktop at home. I can’t get enough of that damn wallpaper, it’s just spectacular!

  • Yes, I want to see a new layout 😀

  • Dee

    looks like I might be making a new layout lol, I’ve learnt a few things. about WordPress so I might be able to make it better. just to warn you it wont be instant! lol, looking into moving house… so maybe in the new year 🙂 gotta start thinking now 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your christmas card 🙂

  • ou, and I forgot – thnx for the xmas gift 😉

  • Thank you for the Christmas gift! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. 🙂