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Merry Christmas 2010

Just a quick message to all my readers, affiliates, and friends to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year and I hope you get everything you wished for, I’ve been round and sent everyone a photo but if you haven’t got it click on the image and pick a copy up.

and thank you all for your wonderful gifts I’ve updated my gifts section.

Happy Halloween

Hey Everyone, Happy Halloween, I hope you all had a great night and got lots of sweeties, I just wanted to  post a quick update, with a gift for everyone just downloaded it and save it to your site if you want it :), I got some wonderful awards from my affiliates: Carmen, FioNat and Ingrid and you can see the gifts here on my awards page,and to tell you all about the wonderful new affiliates I have:

  • Starlight Graphics
  • shiny nickel
  • apple and cinnamon
  • icy afterlife
  • Shotgun Opera

also a few new pieces of artwork, all three created for a challenge at Buffy Forums.net a challenge called Heatwave, which basically asked for shipping wallpapers, that showed a romantic connection.