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Growing and Expanding

Just a quick update as I’m on my break at work, I was just wondering what people thought to adverts on sites, I’ve found a nice site that does affiliate programs that don’t look horrible. Personally I hate adverts, but these ones when I first saw them I thought they were just links put up by the host but it seems its a huge affiliates program that people get paid for, so I was wondering if anyone reading this had any major problems with it, cause I wouldn’t put any up if no one liked them not that I get major traffic but I want to keep the traffic I do get.

This is the site that I found the affiliate program on they look really well designed, and you can get specific links that are similar to your own site categories, Also it is my favourite site and I read it daily!!! so please check it out. PSD TUTS Its an Amazing site. and here is the link to the affiliate program Buy Sell Ads Just in case anyone wishes to add it to their site and make a few extra bob lol.

Also I’ve been looking into getting personalized icons for members cause at the moment its just that little blank person on the comments which looks kinda boring. but I’m going to work on that at the weekend.