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All site information can be found here, if you want to know about an update to do with the site, new affiliates, or changes in layouts or where the site is heading you can find all that out here.

Elucidation has a new face

Well, I finally did it! I finally added a new layout to elucidation art, there was a lot more to do than I first thought, not to mention the fact I had to do it twice with the gallery being built in a different program lol, but I finally did it. There maybe a few kinks I need to iron out, I’ve been doing this layout for a few months in my spare time, little bits here and there.

Along with the new design I have a few new wallpapers 5 Twilight Wallpapers and 1 True Blood Wallpaper [images removed due to old links]

    So what’s new?

    Main Page

    Well there are quite a few new things, probably most importantly the layout! Image of Eliza came from Immortal Memories Gallery, fantastic high quality images there. With this layout I have tried to emphasis the content, as I want to be able to put some really good relevant content, so you might have to bare with me for a while as I’m rubbish at writing stuff up.

    In the side bar you will now see latest editions, which are taken directly from my gallery, so no need to for updating the site it all happens instantly, which means I’ll do block posts on new additions but newest stuff will probably appear in the side bar first.

    Probably most important to you guys or you guys with website is the random affiliates section, which will have a cropped image of my affiliates website/art depending on when I make the image with a link to their site, there are two, one with all my affiliates and one with my dailies, people who I am getting really good traffic from or people I just LOVE so much I need to spread the word so if you see the same link well check it out because its bound to be amazing!

    In the footer I have a poll which will change from time to time, and I also have top posters, which will list the top ten posters so the more posts the higher up the list you are, and I’m doing a test a the moment, to make sure I don’t get spam but I may but links up to other peoples sites but it depends.

    I’ve just noticed something I’ve missed so it will be going up shortly, an RSS feed to my posts so people can instantly get updates.


    I’ve re-written all the pages, so things have changed, you can get to the pages by hovering over the top menu and wait a few seconds for the drop down menu.

    Affiliates have changed, I’ve been through all my old affiliates and seen who is missing and who hasn’t linked back, or people on hiatus, if I’ve taken down your link and not emailed you to ask if you want to be affiliates again, it probably means that I couldn’t find your site, but I would love to be affiliates again please just use the contact form or post a message on the blog either way I really want to have all my affiliates back. Alternatively if you had a site and you have lost your hosting, I am willing to host people who I have been affiliates with in the past, if I haven’t previously been affiliates with you but you have a site that you are wanting to move please use the contact form to email me with a link to you site and, I’ll have a look. I don’t know right now how much I’m going to give out, but I’m thinking 1gig space and 5 mysql to each hostee, but if you want your own domain name you will have to buy it yourself and I can set it up.

    Things to be added

    The RSS feed needs to go up.

    I’m going to begin doing the site of the month awards Visions again

    More tutorials

    A few more link backs

    and lots more art work 🙂

    Just a LittleNote

    If you are using IE 6 or 7 get a better browser, I have deliberately not coded for those browsers in a stand against standards, my site might not meet ALL standards but its got the basics and if you want to use an old browser view old sites, ie6 and ie7 should be banned!

    Design Decisions

    Oh man, I’ve had last week off work and I worked really hard on a new layout for elucidation art, but you know what!!! I don’t like it now. it took me ages to decided on a design idea I was going to go with a cross over of True Blood and Ats because lets face it True Blood has lots of BtVS and AtS links, biggest one being gorgeous blonde human, and gorgeous brunette vampire so I took those two from each of the shows, Sookie and Angel, they make a really nice couple. But I’m not sure on the design, I think the only way to go is to create a new one and just create the Sookie and Angel background I was using as a wallpaper for the gallery.

    Don’t you just hate it when you work so long on something you really like and then you look at it too long you begin to not like it even before you’ve finished the damn thing lol.

    Also Special thanks to Dana for the Halloween pic

    I’ve added a few items to the gallery you can get to them here via the thumbnails
    One True Blood text, and one Angel True Blood Cross over

      Growing and Expanding

      Just a quick update as I’m on my break at work, I was just wondering what people thought to adverts on sites, I’ve found a nice site that does affiliate programs that don’t look horrible. Personally I hate adverts, but these ones when I first saw them I thought they were just links put up by the host but it seems its a huge affiliates program that people get paid for, so I was wondering if anyone reading this had any major problems with it, cause I wouldn’t put any up if no one liked them not that I get major traffic but I want to keep the traffic I do get.

      This is the site that I found the affiliate program on they look really well designed, and you can get specific links that are similar to your own site categories, Also it is my favourite site and I read it daily!!! so please check it out. PSD TUTS Its an Amazing site. and here is the link to the affiliate program Buy Sell Ads Just in case anyone wishes to add it to their site and make a few extra bob lol.

      Also I’ve been looking into getting personalized icons for members cause at the moment its just that little blank person on the comments which looks kinda boring. but I’m going to work on that at the weekend.

      Yes I’m Still Alive

      Hey everyone, if your still reading this, thank you so much, I am still here, and although nothing has changed yet again, my life has been taking a step forward or 30 lol, I recently got a new job as a website designer, been at it a few months now so its been pretty hectic getting into the swing of commercial design but getting there, I have some big plans for elucidation I’ve learnt a lot about wordpress which is what i use to blog here, and I was thinking of making this site back into a design blog rather than a general one, as this site was originally meant to be a tutorial site only not a gallery of my work, however that does take time so gonna be difficult getting things into gear however New Year and all I have plenty of New Year Resolutions.

      1. Redesign Elucidation.
      2. Update once every two weeks at least.
      3. Get my portfolio up and running.
      4. Redesign the Fanlistings :s been a long time coming.
      5. Get Twilight Fuse up and running to host people on this server
      6. And get Elucidation to be as Big and useful as possible.

      Not neccesarily in that order mind you but I wanna get all that done, and continued. gonna need to get back into forums again, I’ve become a bit of a recluse of late… well in the last two years :s but with uni over I gotta get out there and start enjoying the internet again.

      So an Update! just a small one for starters is.
      Midnight Tears Link has been updated. and also Happy Xmas and a Better New Year to you all.