August Already!!

Wow July really flew by, I have been so bogged down with work I haven’t had chance to do a single piece of art work… ok probably a big fib but I have been so tired from working that I haven’t had the energy to spend all day on the computer and come home and spend all night on the computer as well, this is one of the draw backs of finding a job in something that you enjoy doing as a hobby it doesn’t make it an enjoyable hobby, as well as draining all the inspiration out of you… but enough whining, I vow to make at least one piece of art work every week of August, and by George I will do it lol.

One new affiliate this update, so I would like to welcome Reviews Gone Askew to Elucidation Art

Review Gone Askew

Since its a new month there is a new Site of the Month: Vision award, and this month is dedicated to the hard work and beautiful artwork of Bre at Primordial Souls

August 2010 Primordial SoulsReason: I have been a fan of Bre at Primordial Souls for a long time now. I love how she presents her work and how unafraid she is to try something new, the different way she experiments with light and colour blows me away. She has an amazing skill of bring different images together, her work always looks so delicate and intricate every time I look at a piece of work by Bre… [read more]

  • Jen

    It’s incredible how time is flying this year! I can’t believe it’s more than half-way over already! It seems like only a few months ago it was January lol.

  • Bre

    OMG! Wow. That is all I have to say: wow. And so honored! Thank you so much for this awesome award, this is such a great thing to come into work to!! *lol* I really am thrilled that you think my work is good enough to give an award to, I’ve always drooled all over your artistic talent so this is absolutely amazing! I can’t stop gushing and getting giddy with JOY! Thank you, hunny!! *hugs*

  • Bre

    Hahaha, totally forgot to answer your question about ads… I KNOW! It’s incredibly difficult finding space, I settled for trying out on the very bottom of my layout, in the little footer. It’s not doing very well, but I didn’t want to put anything so obnoxious that it detracts from the site and makes people not want to stick around… so it will take some experimenting to see what happens. If it continues to just fall flat like it has been, I’ll take it down. It always seems like a good idea at first, doesn’t it? 😛 That was another reason I did the poll, I wanted to make sure people wouldn’t see that and immediately take off because of the annoyance that ads usually bring with them…

  • Dee

    I’m really glad you like it Bre, I love your work, as do many others, you got two site of the months this month! lol

    As for the ads thing. I thought about it for a while, but I could never find a place to to put them, plus you get more money by getting more traffic, I hate doing SEO its so boring, I have a link building program but there is so much analysis to go into it I just can’t be bothered I’m happy with this site being just for fanartists within the small (well i say small small in comparison with the internet) circle of fanartists. there was a site i suggested to you, they have really pretty adverts and they pay quite well, its called they look much nicer than the google ones, but I think its harder to get people to pay you on that but once you do you get a lot more?

    and hey Jen, Lovely to see you here, I can’t believe how fast time has gone, I keep meaning to do art but time just gets by me. I promise myself I’m going to do art this weekend! no work I’ll kick myself if tomorrow (Friday)I get a butt load of work to do that they expect to be done by Tuesday but knowing my luck I probably will.

  • Bre

    I like the way you phrased that, can’t be bothered with it and that is so true about anything relating to ads, mostly because fanartist sites are meant to be for fun, not for revenue. I’ve tried the Google thing and it’s more annoying than anything, I’m going to take it down.

    I don’t want to force people to look at those things if they don’t want to, and the singular voice from people seems to be: sure you can have ads, just don’t let them bug me and I won’t have an issue. 😛 It’s too much trouble for such little payoff.

    And again: thank you! I get all giddy when I see the gorgeous award! 🙂