Chosen Art Site of the Month July

Its been a month already, where does the time fly, well I have just put the finishing touches to the new site of the month award which I am going to award to Dana over at Chosen Art check out the award below and the awards page with the new Site of the Month I also have three new affiliates, and one new piece of fanart which you can see further down in this post. take a look at the amazing new affiliates below:

  • wittycomeback
  • provenance
  • preciousoasis

( post a comment on any blog post or use the contact form here to become an affiliate )

July 2010 Chosen Art I have been a huge fan of Chosen Art since I got into the fanart biz, and Dana has been a real inspiration over the years, she has this amazing talent for creating fictional scenes, especially with her work with SMG and Dean Winchester, I have seen over time her skill develop and with each new piece get get even more jealous of that skill.

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I don’t have much else for an update as I have been really busy with my paid work 🙁 (well avoiding my paid work when I get home so I feel bad if I do fun work) but I did manage to add one new piece of art work, one piece I have wanted to do for a while now, I have finally finished watching Supernatural up to the end of season 5 and I love it, to my soul lol, but I have never seen any fanart on Bobby Singer, and I thought his character was totally amazing in the show, so I’ve created my own, and I’m really happy with it, I wanted to work mainly with stock photography as you see a lot of that kind of art now, and I wanted to pull away from the type of artwork that I am probably most know for (over kill with the Gradient maps lol I know I know its just so easy to use gradient maps to give it a feel) but I tried something new and I think it came out alright.

  • OMG! Thank you so much for this! Both the award and the amazingly sweet and kind words! *huggles* ♥ I’m speechless over here! 😀

    And dude, the new layout?! AWESOME!!! I love the way you’ve presented the site name with writing “Art” in a handwriting font, it gives the header a deeper personality and it’s a gorgeous effect. I love playing with fonts in that way as well. And also, the pic and colors works perfectly together. I love the expression on Eliza, it’s sad but not.. kinda thoughtful and deep.. (my way with words suck! ;))

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the subject of Bobby. I love him a lot and I’m glad he hasn’t been killed like so many other characters one has adored over the years. And I agree, it’s sad that people don’t make much art of him (myself included.. ’cause my brain has been permanently wired with Dean/Buffy ideas ;)) so it’s really great when someone actually does make something with him. The effects in this pieces is beyond words. I love that not only have you faked the rain around him but you’ve actually added a stock that shows it splashing on his cap. It gives the whole thing a more touchable feeling and makes the rain a lot more real and a lot less drawn in place. The coloring and play with typography in the background is a perfect effect and adds to the feelings that Bobby is projecting along with the choice of quote (which is one of my personal favorite of moments with Bobby!). I also love that among all those stocks, you’ve chosen a pic from within the church in “Lucifer Rising”. A good choice and also a very sneaky one. There’s been some great stock photography over the years on the show, and I’m glad you’re making use of it! 🙂

    Once again, thank you so much for the award. It warms my heart and put a big smile on my face, which was needed on this very hot Monday morning at work! *squishes tightly*

  • Bre

    DANA TOTALLY DESERVES IT! If anything, just because she’s the manipulation queen! I bow down… 😛 I saw some Bobby talk above and I can’t believe I myself haven’t mentioned anything about your recent Bobby piece but it’s beautiful. The soft textures and the simple Bobby picture (great choice because his face is saying what you wrote… if that makes sense, lol).


  • Dee

    Bre is right you deserve it, not that it is enough lol, I am just bowed over by your skill and I really appreciate the fact that you kept coming back to Ea and this is a small token of appreciation, I wish I could give you more to show how much it’s meant to me, your art gives me such inspiration I wish I could do manips like you, mine never turn out so well.

    As for the Bobby art I was so tempted to throw on a load of gradient maps like I always do lol, I had to keep telling myself no!!! but one or two snuck in there, but I’m really happy with the detail on his face made him look a little older and over worked and made the picture look higher quality too. But looking back after I’d done it I don’t like the rain on his cap it doesn’t look realistic, its like its raining but someone threw a lot of water compared to rain on his cap, but I think I’m just being picky lol.

    But thank you both xD xD Love you lots xxx