Lucid Fanart

As promised Lucid Fanart is now up and running, it took me some time I know but I finally got there, I had a big kick up the backside when my last host decided they didn’t care about keeping my site up and running so along with the new layout, which is the most obvious change, and the new name I am also on a New Server! Fingers Crossed no more down time, and in the two weeks I’ve had this domain I’ve had 0 down time… *touch wood* I’ve not just jinxed it.

So what’s new??

Well firstly a brand new design, and I wonder if you guys have noticed the background(s) lol I’m really happy with that I tried to get it to work on my old sever however it didn’t want to work? but it does now so hopefully no one will get bored with this design as it changes so often and I can add new ones at any time.

I’ve kept most of everything the same as it worked really well last time, easy to navigate and for people to contact me.

As I have changed my domain name I’ve got brand new link back buttons and I have to say I much prefer them from the last set I had… although I’ve recreated some of my favourite ones, I plan to add to these too in the upcoming months.

If you take a look at my gallery I’ve modified the design of this greatly, before I tried to keep it looking as close to the blog design as possible but as a gallery I felt it needed more space so I’ve ditched the sidebar and given the gallery full width of the site. I still have a few things I need to do to the gallery like fill in all the information which is going to be a BIG job, I wanted to get it done before I set the site live but a few things came up and my time was shortened but I can do it over time. I have taken off the comments system on the gallery as I was getting an awful lot of spam going through there but I have left on the rating system so you can add whether you like it or not there but I will still be updating this blog where people can comment on new artwork.

I hope you all like the new site, and I hope  to get new art work on there asap.



  • I just loooovveee the layout Dee! It’s so pretty! *.*
    I shall change your link ASAP!

  • Bre

    GORGEOUS LAYOUT! Just lovely and I’ll update your link today – Damn that Angel/Angelus for being so gorgeous and you making him MORE BEAUTIFUL! lol – I’m capitalization happy I suppose… 😛

    *hugs* Great job, as usual! 😀

  • Dee

    lol thanks you two. have you seen what happens to the background image yet… ;D

  • Ooooh the new site is amazing girlie!! I’m getting your link updated now!

  • Omg Dee!!! Your layout is nothing short of stunning! I’ll update your link as soon as I can (probably next weekend; I have to get through midterms first, fml). Congratulations on the move 🙂

  • Dee

    Thanks guys xD I’m glad you like the new site and Sasha Good Luck on the midterms

    I saw what happens to the background.. IT CHANGES! *claps* Well, WELL… no — great, GREAT job! The layout is beautiful 😉

  • Dee

    lol I tried everything on my last sever to try and get it to work but it wasn’t happening. it is such a simple php script I just couldn’t understand why it didn’t work.

    really happy with it though, hopefully means I wont get bored with my layout as quickly xD

  • Hi Dee! Precious Oasis have a new layout! 😀

  • Oh my!!! How pretty is your new site, Dee? 😀 Also, that Rob Thomas wallpaper – that’s gone straight on my desktop! *squeals*

    So very pretty! I’ll change the link on my site too since I’m still linking to your old one — *headdesk* — and thanks for the love you left me on my tag!! 🙂

    Love the new place! 😀 So pretty!

  • This looks fantastic! love love love 🙂

  • AAaaah!!! Love the new layout 😀

  • Dee

    Thanks guys, really glad you like it. I have a few new affiliates to update and some fantastic awards xD just been a really hectic could of week and I don’t think I’ll have a chance to create a post for a few days but just a quick note checkout my new affiliates page there are some new links.

  • Oh, what a pretty new look, I love it! 🙂

  • Sara

    It’s awesome and the mobile version works fantastic on my iPhone!!