Brand New Layout

Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone still visits Lucid Fanart but I’ve been working on a new layout for a while I’ve got the design down and I’ve started coding it (twice) but if you’ve been hanging around Lucid Fanart you may have noticed the layout change to a default layout.

I’m having a little bit of an issue with some plugins so I’ve simply turned them off for now but this means that the old layout wont work and there isn’t any real reason for me to fix it since I’ve started a new layout which I want to get round to finishing some point this year lol.

I’ve done a few new pieces of art work which you can see below and there is also a sneaky peak at the new layout.


  • WOW, so different!! I miss the red and black, but I’m excited to see this one once it’s all “done”. 😀

  • Dee

    It feels weird going for a none dark layout but I think its the way forward. and if it doesn’t work out I could always just invert the colours lol hopefully I’ll get it done soon I’ve been playing around with it for ages, starting and stopping and restarting again. I’ve learnt so much from my work that every time I come to work on Lucid Fanart I’ve learnt that what I did the previous months was wrong so I keep going back and updating which means I’m not getting very far with it. But it is in the development phase at the moment so no more design work lol. hence the images.