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Elucidation Domain Question?

Hi Everyone, been kind of a slow month by the looks of things, but I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff with my new layout. I’m almost done with the site changes I just need to work on the gallery now. So soon!! I can’t wait the new site has new cute features but is pretty much the same but better. I would also like to make a note of my new hostees!!! yay I have hostees!! lol.

Surrender Your Soul is the fanart portfolio of Christine, she has some great work on her site that you should check out and OhSnap! Designs which is the layout portfolio of Sara where you can purchase layout designs or fully coded layouts.

  • Surrender Your Soul
  • Oh Snap!

and I have some brand spanking new affiliates too! check them all out amazing artwork

  • Inside Us All
  • dangerousfreakshow
  • No Promises

Ok now the update is done I wanted to ask you all a question.

I’ve been thinking for a long time now that Elucidation Art is not a very good domain name. I love the name when I first thought of it I looked though the dictionary to try and find a word that would describe a tutorial that sounded sophisticated and unique and well Elucidation ticks both those boxes as far as I’m concerned however… its a long name and even I when I type quickly muddled the letters around and I’ve been typing the name for the past 8 years I’ve figured out. I’ve been reading a bit into SEO and ways to improve my work and my sites, and all the resources say that the domain name should reflect the site. Well when I first created the site I did but that was WAY back when and I was with staghosting which has long since died anyway my point is I think its time I updated Elucidation with a new name that would better suite the users.

I have spoken with both my hostees they agree that if I want to change the name they are happy for me to do it. I think I will miss the name Elucidation and will probably always call it it but, with the reasearch I’ve done in to the keywords and global searches no one would ever find elucidation naturally, I rely heavily on all my wonderful affiliates to provide me links back to my site and its not really fair on my hostees as they will have the same problems becuase I thought the name was cute when I was 16.

So my question is do you think I should change the domain name and the name of the site or do you think I should stick with it?

I’ve got a few names I’ve been thinking about which I’ve put into the poll below. please vote and any comments add to the comments below I can’t wait to hear what you guys think? I’ve been playing with the idea of getting network of domains with the same keyword of fuse together as my other domains have it in it twilightfuse.com and deefuse.co.uk so it would be cool if I could get fuse in it somewhere but I also don’t want to lose Elucidation I know I’m being stupid but lucid is a nice shortened version… but I’m stuck…. I need help. Also all the SEO things I’ve been reading suggest putting your keyfeature in the domain name and I would have to say mine is fanart… but I’m not a big fan of sticking this in… makes the site look a little spammish but it would really help the hostees???

[poll id=”3″]

Learning More on SEO

I know I said I would update more frequently, I’ve just started work on a new site for my mum which will hold me back from updating here, but its using the same system as what I use here so anything i find out for them i can implement it here, so its a great way of researching elucidation art, although I do already have a long list of things I want to add here anyway. I have also decided to buy a new domain name for my portfolio site, as I already have twilight-fuse.com with my partner in crime Keeper I am going to devise a whole fuse network. but I wont be getting rid of elucidation. I would love to just be able to buy elucidation.com or elucidation.co.uk. but its not that easy.

I’ve also been looking into SEO, (Search engine optimization) I know hardly anything about it. does anyone know any good sites, and good tips about SEO I would love to hear them and anything I find out I will share here. although SEO sounds so boring lol not as good as doing fanart, but to get fanart viewed kinda need to know SEO. and I do love working on layouts and I didn’t realize how much the way you code your site effects how search engines view your site. so be warned if you are like me and know nothing about SEO do a search and find out if anything you are doing is preventing you from being searched properly. I’ve found a few things, which is one of the things I’m going to be changing along the way with Elucidation.

so please comment I would love to hear about any tips and tricks you might have. thanks