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Browser Combatibility AKA I HATE IE 6

the bane of many designers life the fact that a large percent of people are still using outdated software to browse the internet such as ie6. In fact the majority of the people browsing my site use IE6 I use a stats program to keep in touch with what people are viewing on my site so I can at some point put that to good use and do something with my site that will help people view elucidation-art with more ease.
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Learning More on SEO

I know I said I would update more frequently, I’ve just started work on a new site for my mum which will hold me back from updating here, but its using the same system as what I use here so anything i find out for them i can implement it here, so its a great way of researching elucidation art, although I do already have a long list of things I want to add here anyway. I have also decided to buy a new domain name for my portfolio site, as I already have with my partner in crime Keeper I am going to devise a whole fuse network. but I wont be getting rid of elucidation. I would love to just be able to buy or but its not that easy.

I’ve also been looking into SEO, (Search engine optimization) I know hardly anything about it. does anyone know any good sites, and good tips about SEO I would love to hear them and anything I find out I will share here. although SEO sounds so boring lol not as good as doing fanart, but to get fanart viewed kinda need to know SEO. and I do love working on layouts and I didn’t realize how much the way you code your site effects how search engines view your site. so be warned if you are like me and know nothing about SEO do a search and find out if anything you are doing is preventing you from being searched properly. I’ve found a few things, which is one of the things I’m going to be changing along the way with Elucidation.

so please comment I would love to hear about any tips and tricks you might have. thanks

Illustrator Icons

just a quick note, today I’ve been making icons at the company I work at, in Illustrator no less, I’m really poor at Illustrator but I’m getting better, and I’ve loved making icons I think they look pretty cool but to anyone out there that thinks they would like to do icons, and I highly recommend you do its well fun and you can be as creative as you like. just remember do them in a square!!! I’ve just done a butt load of icons and they are all different sizes and they have to fit  a 48×48 square…  probably all reading thing going Duh!!! I just didn’t think so if you wanna do icons make sure you do it in a square canvas. And I’ll try to remember too. lol

ETA: I’d also like to say welcome to my new affiliate AnMarie at Never Say Goodbye go check out her site its got some fantastic art work on there.