June SOTM Beyond Hope

I have a brand new site of the month, I know I missed last month, sorry but I have had a lot on at work, I’ve just set live a HUGE site that I’ve been working my ass off to get live and I’ve not had much time for other thing, not to mention lacking in inspiration as its all been sucked out in the office.

I hope to be making some more artwork soon I keep looking at the Buffy Forums Challenges and they all look great I’ve started walls several times but I keep running out of steam 🙁 but I wanted to keep up to date so here is my SOTM for June

Beyond HopeReason: For June, I have decided to make Beyond Hope my site of the month. Beyond Hope is a beautiful site with lot of detail and care taken with it. I love the layout that is currently up on the site, some of my favourite actresses feature in this layout but I think best of all this layout draws in so much detail [read more]
  • Thanks honey! I fell in love with the wallpaper that inspired that layout, and judging by the response I got on Buffy Forums when I made it my av/sig combo, I knew that had to be the new layout. 😀
    I still love yours! I wish I could make my site awesome with WordPress but I get frustrated with it too easily. LOL

  • nice choice 😉 btw love your new look 😉

  • Dee

    Thanks guys, I’m kinda in the mood to change my layout I feels kinda messy for me lol but that’s becuase I can see the code lol I have some ideas though so maybe… but not too soon becuase if I break off learning the new things like php and jquery I’m trying to learn I’ll never finish lol.

    and Brittany, I adore your layout I hope you keep it up for a while. and Leca, your new Merlin one rocks!