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My name is Dee, I'm a Web Design. I've been into digital design since I was about 14, and I'm mostly self taught, my passion was started with creating Fan Art and Elucidation Art has been my Fan Art home since 2000 and has had many changes in that time, and will forever be changing, so I hope you stick around to find out whats next in store for Elucidation Art...

Immortal Memories SotM Sept

Unfortunately this is almost a week late, I was on holiday last week an although I didn’t go abroad, which I never get to do anyway (*grumble*) I’ve been down south away from my computer so I’m very sorry for the delay but I would love to announce my Site of the Month September 2010 as Immortal Memories, I have been a huge fan of Monica for ages, and her artwork keeps getting better!

Some of you may have seen my Birthday Bundle I put up, I’m keeping an eye on the poll at the bottom of the site, so please keep voting, and this bundle came as a result of the poll, so if you want to download it you can download it here or view the individual downloads in the gallery.

September 2010 Immortal MemoriesReason: I Love Immortal Memories, I have for a very long time, Monica has such a clean and fresh style of fanart, each piece is clear and high quality, the best images with the best textures, I love the crisp feel to her art work. Not only does Monica have an amazing fanart site with helpful donwloads which I have used over the years, but she also has an amazing gallery of images, it is so hard to find quality images especially of TV shows usually they are small or poor screencaps from the tv, [read more]

I have also done a few pieces of art work over the month of August W00t I told you I would lol.

  • Legend of the Seeker
  • Wonderfalls
  • Angel Opening Credits
  • BtVS Opening Credits
  • trueblood-credits

Freebie Pack

Nearly another month since my last update, but this is a special month for me as it is my birthday tomorrow, and I wanted to do something special for elucidation, I see other community sites doing freebies and bundles so I thought I’d make some freebie stuff that people can use, also becuase this month someone opted for freebies on the poll at the bottom of the page.

[5 mb zip file]

In this bundle you get my all time favourite gradients, I have three in this bundle that I have used all the time but I’ve never put them in to a gradient set till now.

– Two tone set which has various tones that fade into a similar tone [view gradient]
– There is also a a HDslr set which are bright red and orange gradients which I have been using to help me recreate HDR style photographs [view gradient]
– And my favourite one which I have called heaven and earth because it combines earth tones and sky tones to bring out the colours in photographs which have both sky and other features in it [view gradient]

I have also added some photographs I have taken of torn paper, I always find it hard to find torn paper that is big enough to fit on my wallpapers, the torn paper in this bundle is very large and maybe a little blurry in section but the size of each piece is at least 1920px in width or height depending on whether it is landscape or portrait which should be big enough for almost all wallpapers (15 photos in total) [view photo set]

and finally I have made some textures out of the paper stock photographs (8 Textures in total) [view texture]

you can download the bundle here or you can have a look at my gallery and download each part individually.

[5 mb zip file]

August Already!!

Wow July really flew by, I have been so bogged down with work I haven’t had chance to do a single piece of art work… ok probably a big fib but I have been so tired from working that I haven’t had the energy to spend all day on the computer and come home and spend all night on the computer as well, this is one of the draw backs of finding a job in something that you enjoy doing as a hobby it doesn’t make it an enjoyable hobby, as well as draining all the inspiration out of you… but enough whining, I vow to make at least one piece of art work every week of August, and by George I will do it lol.

One new affiliate this update, so I would like to welcome Reviews Gone Askew to Elucidation Art

Review Gone Askew

Since its a new month there is a new Site of the Month: Vision award, and this month is dedicated to the hard work and beautiful artwork of Bre at Primordial Souls

August 2010 Primordial SoulsReason: I have been a fan of Bre at Primordial Souls for a long time now. I love how she presents her work and how unafraid she is to try something new, the different way she experiments with light and colour blows me away. She has an amazing skill of bring different images together, her work always looks so delicate and intricate every time I look at a piece of work by Bre… [read more]

Chosen Art Site of the Month July

Its been a month already, where does the time fly, well I have just put the finishing touches to the new site of the month award which I am going to award to Dana over at Chosen Art check out the award below and the awards page with the new Site of the Month I also have three new affiliates, and one new piece of fanart which you can see further down in this post. take a look at the amazing new affiliates below:

  • wittycomeback
  • provenance
  • preciousoasis

( post a comment on any blog post or use the contact form here to become an affiliate )

July 2010 Chosen Art I have been a huge fan of Chosen Art since I got into the fanart biz, and Dana has been a real inspiration over the years, she has this amazing talent for creating fictional scenes, especially with her work with SMG and Dean Winchester, I have seen over time her skill develop and with each new piece get get even more jealous of that skill.

Read More

I don’t have much else for an update as I have been really busy with my paid work 🙁 (well avoiding my paid work when I get home so I feel bad if I do fun work) but I did manage to add one new piece of art work, one piece I have wanted to do for a while now, I have finally finished watching Supernatural up to the end of season 5 and I love it, to my soul lol, but I have never seen any fanart on Bobby Singer, and I thought his character was totally amazing in the show, so I’ve created my own, and I’m really happy with it, I wanted to work mainly with stock photography as you see a lot of that kind of art now, and I wanted to pull away from the type of artwork that I am probably most know for (over kill with the Gradient maps lol I know I know its just so easy to use gradient maps to give it a feel) but I tried something new and I think it came out alright.

New Affiliates at Elucidation Art

A quicky update today, I have some wonderful new affiliates that you need to checkout, and some brand new fanart as well.  I wanted to post these affiliates earlier but I didn’t have enough to put into one post so here goes you can view the affiliates here or you can go and see all my affiliates on this page.

  • Surrender Your Soul
  • Faithy's Graphics
  • Daydreaming
  • leavingyoubehind

The brand new fanart; Well I think I might be going over board on the supernatural, but my fear is that I’ll watch up the latest episode and I wont have made any, so you will probably see a lost more fanart in the coming weeks regarding supernatural. but I’ve thrown in a new twilight piece just to mix things up a little bit though.

    Still Building Up Elucidation

    So its the month of June, and Elucidation has been up a month, and yes I’m still  here lol. I have four new pieces of art work that I’ve added to the site. I think I’m getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surly. I’ve also added a few new pages to Elucidation. I’ve added a page for people to get hosted here, I will only accept Fanart Sites! just to let you guys know. I have also added site of the month again aka Visions. and this month its Black Lagoon. I know I’m one day early but its work tomorrow and I wont be able to do this until I get home and I’ve been itching to post something all week but I didn’t have enough art work or enough pages.

    June 2010 Black LagoonReason: I’ve always been a major fan of Wenj at Black Lagoon, she has an uncanny way of painting a picture to emphasis the emotion of any piece of artwork. But I think the main reason I am giving her the award as my very first Site of the Month… read more

    Elucidation has a new face

    Well, I finally did it! I finally added a new layout to elucidation art, there was a lot more to do than I first thought, not to mention the fact I had to do it twice with the gallery being built in a different program lol, but I finally did it. There maybe a few kinks I need to iron out, I’ve been doing this layout for a few months in my spare time, little bits here and there.

    Along with the new design I have a few new wallpapers 5 Twilight Wallpapers and 1 True Blood Wallpaper [images removed due to old links]

      So what’s new?

      Main Page

      Well there are quite a few new things, probably most importantly the layout! Image of Eliza came from Immortal Memories Gallery, fantastic high quality images there. With this layout I have tried to emphasis the content, as I want to be able to put some really good relevant content, so you might have to bare with me for a while as I’m rubbish at writing stuff up.

      In the side bar you will now see latest editions, which are taken directly from my gallery, so no need to for updating the site it all happens instantly, which means I’ll do block posts on new additions but newest stuff will probably appear in the side bar first.

      Probably most important to you guys or you guys with website is the random affiliates section, which will have a cropped image of my affiliates website/art depending on when I make the image with a link to their site, there are two, one with all my affiliates and one with my dailies, people who I am getting really good traffic from or people I just LOVE so much I need to spread the word so if you see the same link well check it out because its bound to be amazing!

      In the footer I have a poll which will change from time to time, and I also have top posters, which will list the top ten posters so the more posts the higher up the list you are, and I’m doing a test a the moment, to make sure I don’t get spam but I may but links up to other peoples sites but it depends.

      I’ve just noticed something I’ve missed so it will be going up shortly, an RSS feed to my posts so people can instantly get updates.


      I’ve re-written all the pages, so things have changed, you can get to the pages by hovering over the top menu and wait a few seconds for the drop down menu.

      Affiliates have changed, I’ve been through all my old affiliates and seen who is missing and who hasn’t linked back, or people on hiatus, if I’ve taken down your link and not emailed you to ask if you want to be affiliates again, it probably means that I couldn’t find your site, but I would love to be affiliates again please just use the contact form or post a message on the blog either way I really want to have all my affiliates back. Alternatively if you had a site and you have lost your hosting, I am willing to host people who I have been affiliates with in the past, if I haven’t previously been affiliates with you but you have a site that you are wanting to move please use the contact form to email me with a link to you site and, I’ll have a look. I don’t know right now how much I’m going to give out, but I’m thinking 1gig space and 5 mysql to each hostee, but if you want your own domain name you will have to buy it yourself and I can set it up.

      Things to be added

      The RSS feed needs to go up.

      I’m going to begin doing the site of the month awards Visions again

      More tutorials

      A few more link backs

      and lots more art work 🙂

      Just a LittleNote

      If you are using IE 6 or 7 get a better browser, I have deliberately not coded for those browsers in a stand against standards, my site might not meet ALL standards but its got the basics and if you want to use an old browser view old sites, ie6 and ie7 should be banned!